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What makes a great quote?

There are a number of key elements needed to properly price a job, any job, large or small. In the search for that illusive PO Number, there’s a lot of work to be done.

Understanding the Job

It is crucial to properly understand exactly what’s needed. Take nothing for granted and assume nothing. You and the customer must be ‘singing off the same hymn sheet’ or you’ll end up pricing the wrong song!

There are many occasions when the task you are being asked to get involved with may not actually be the best or most efficient solution. They may be asking for something that will do the job short term (a quick fix), but work out more costly in the longer term.

The best quote should be the most practical and efficient solution to the problem, not necessarily the cheapest one. That’s why customers may get more than one quote from JGF, one for the specified job, and one for the most efficient longer-term solution – professional advice.

But, doesn’t this become harder and more time-consuming work?

Of course – but it does a better job and delivers better service.

Systems driven planning and pricing.

We were recently asked to tender for a project at a school, installing emergency and LED lighting. We beat two other tenders, the reason being the quality, detail and systematic approach to each element of the operation and staged fitting. How do we know? We were told so.

simPRO is a professional task management tool that simPRO themselves have told us, most businesses simply scratch the surface of its capabilities. We have used it to totally restructure and systemise every element of what we do – and more.

Because we have taken the time (lots and lots of it) to plug every detail into it, we get masses of support and reporting information out of it. This includes our job spec and pricing procedures.

The engineer on site inspects the task to be priced, taking and adding images to the quotation itself. They can add notes, material lists, measurements, documents from site or at anytime afterward, and any other details to support the images.

The job is flagged and picked up in the office (or to any one of our technicians wherever they are) and is ready for detailing, those details entered into simPRO.

Cross-checking the quote number, each task is built with each component, quantities, measurements, fitting and QC checking time allocated to every stage of the installation.


After more cross-checking and gross-error checking (too often ignored but a vital element of the process), we extract the details and build them into a stage-by-stage plan of the tasks(s) required to complete the job.

The customer ends up with a self-explanatory, detailed, step by step guide to the job (helping them confirm that old hymn sheet), with accurately priced parts and time specifications for each stage.

The summary adds further confirmation and confidence. Confirmation that we know what we are talking about, and confidence that they can be assured of, by using JGF.

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Technology moves on, but the fundamentals hold fast – Service.

Hello and welcome to the first Blog on our brand-new website.

Each of these short stories is like a piece in a giant jigsaw that will, gradually, build into the picture that is, JGF Electrical. Follow and see – who we are; why we’re so different; what makes us stand out; our opinions on Industry news, management, training and wellbeing.