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Commercial Contracts

Knowing that every aspect of the electrical side of your project has been contracted with confidence is a pleasure our commercial property partners have come to enjoy. 

We understand the financial and practical problems that late delivery and error bring with them and invest time in team training and procedures to ensure excellent industry standards are maintained throughout. 

From draft schematics on new build installation; to upgrading to energy-efficient environmental standards; and ongoing test and maintenance schedules – our work is our pride.

You can contract electrical installation projects with confidence, ensuring industrial excellence throughout

Warehouse & Distribution

UK Industry thrives literally on supply and demand with commercial, global and domestic supply chains depending on an elaborate network of warehouse & distribution hubs. When the consumer hits send, their expectations are met by the numerous levels of technology that source, extract, pack, code and deliver next day satisfaction.

That’s where JGF come in. Not developing AI, but delivering electrical solutions, installation, anticipatory maintenance and repair to, serve and protect the workforce operating the human side of distribution.

Security and Health & Safety are paramount in the organisations we visit, with many pre-checks and hoops to be jumped through before we can even set foot on the premises. It is only then that our W&D customers see the training-driven quality and systems-driven efficiency that marks a successful relationship.

Systems, Procedures, Training and Health & Safety masterclasses are assets essential to integration with larger organisations

Quick Reaction

Speed can never replace safety. Regs are there for a reason, and threat to life can never be taken for granted.

The Team never shies away from longer hours and weekend work to react to short term needs while satisfying ongoing work. Organisation structure is vital to the success of task management and operational deployment.

We can’t be everywhere and can’t react to everything but take pride in being where and when the job needs doing.

Anticipatory or preventative maintenance help reduce the fire fighting, identifying and dealing with potential problems before they happen. This prevents the problems escalating in severity and cost. Downtime on a distribution track has costs far greater than a keen eye and roving job sheet.

Speed never replaces H&S, RAMS & Toolbox Talks. You can’t cut corners when cutting wires

Schools: Detail & Efficiency

We are very proud of our service to schools, colleges and other learning institutions. The first time we embarked on such a partnership, we were told it was the quality of our detailed quotation and systemised summary of works that inspired the school to work with JGF, rather than the price (though that too of course).

We reacted quickly to the half-term window to install new LED lighting in time for the crucial run up to exams. The lighting quality had an immediate effect on attention and energy in the classroom.

As well as the financial benefits, schools are driven by the environmental case for LED lighting, shrinking their environmental footprint while improving their bottom-line.

This now extends to a package of solar energy for sustainability, and EV Charging Points for the growing demand from visitors, Governors and students themselves.

Detailed quotations, quick response times and scheduled maintenance keeps the classrooms open, on budget, and above all – safe


As Investors in People, we recognise that our ‘people’ are our ‘assets’. Quality comes through training and opportunities through our Apprenticeships. 

On-the-job learning and upskilling both in the unit and on site, develop not just their electrical skills, but core values such as team working, service ethic and analytical thinking. We have 2 Training Stations designed to focus new skills, such as Smart Home Technology, Energy Efficiency, 

Health & Safety, as well as the core technical requirements of Electrical Contracting. Preparing for tomorrow’s challenges – today.

Highly praised, trained, valued and incorporated. The passion we gained as apprentices, is the passion we give to tomorrow’s engineers

PV & Storage

The push and pull of environmental responsibility is accelerating on a global scale. So much so that you should ask the question: how ready for tomorrow are you today?

Every organisation, large and less so, has a growing responsibility to offset carbon emissions and proactively transfer energy sources to self-generated renewables.

From a house, a school, to warehouses and commercial properties.

JGF are recognised, trained, and active – advising, installing and maintaining PV & Power Storage solutions. With a few basic calculations, a forecast will plot when capital costs are paid back from power generated and ongoing savings potentials after installation.

Environmental Responsibility, to transfer energy sources to self-generated, sustainable renewables

EV Contracting

The ban on sales of new models of petrol and diesel cars is due to come into place in 2030, with new hybrids being given a stay of execution until 2035 on the condition their zero-emission-mode can cover a significant distance, although this distance hasn’t been set by the government yet.

Are you ready?

JGF are ready, trained and licensed to advise, instal and maintain commercial vehicle EV solutions. 

Whether you are an early adopter or slowly catching up, the time is already here to begin making changes.

Even if you are not yet installing, you should be seeking advice to help budget for tomorrow’s inevitable developments.

EV Fleet Contracting: future-proofing tomorrow’s needs. Plan, budget, instal in phases and maintain – today

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