About us

JGF Mission Statement

Our intention is to grow a sustainable business, an example of distinction in a competitive industry. Sustainability is made possible through a culture built on training and teamwork. Achievement from the ground up, through apprenticeships, up-skilling, advancement qualification – creating pride, organisational teamwork, exemplary skills with systemised commercial support … delivering excellence to the Electrical Industry.

Growing a Business: a culture built on training, teamwork, and achievement

‘more than just cables & cutters’

JGF Electrical & Building Services trading as JGF Electrical was founded and incorporated by Joe Forsyth in March 2013.

Joe’s professional career began with a 4-year apprenticeship in 2006 with Building & Mechanical Services, developing skills and experience across the service range of commercial, high-end domestic, solar, intelligent lighting and electrical design.

Growth was considered, but rapid. The business has not simply grown in terms of service, skills and capacity; it has grown in corporate maturity too.

Built in part on Joe’s personal experiences and values gained as an apprentice, JGF are ‘Investors in People’, recognising that their ‘people’ are their ‘assets’. Quality comes through training and opportunities through their own Apprenticeship Programme. On-the-job learning and upskilling, both in the unit and on site, develop more than essential electrical skills.

Such learning develops core values too, such as team working, service ethic and analytical thinking.

JGF Electrical was named after the late John Gordon Forster.

John was Joe’s Grandad. He was a man of great integrity from whom Joe took inspiration on which he still draws the traditional values of a professional gentleman.

As a youngster, Joe would have Sunday dinner with his Grandparents then go down to the garage with his Grandad where they would make basic circuit boards together. The flashing lights and technical applications became second nature to Joe, even from this young age.

John G Forster served as an electrical foreman for over 50 years. He would be 95 now (Autumn 2021). Joe has and often refers to John’s meticulously written foreman’s notebook from the 60’s.

In Joe’s own words:

“It’s nice to see that the fundamentals haven’t changed at all and today, we still practice many of the same principles as he did back then”.


Well of course.

JGF Electrical moved into their new unit and offices in 2021.

Apprentices, engineers, team leaders, staff and of course customers see and enjoy the benefits of 2 Training Stations, designed to focus new skills such as Smart Home Technology, Energy Efficiency, Health & Safety, as well as the core technical requirements of Electrical Contracting.