Hello and welcome to the first Blog on our brand-new website.

Each of these short stories is like a piece in a giant jigsaw that will, gradually, build into the picture that is, JGF Electrical. Follow and see – who we are; why we’re so different; what makes us stand out; our opinions on Industry news, management, training and wellbeing.

Find out why we are so proud of the approach we take, that makes us so welcome in the projects, properties and tenancies you own, contract and manage.

We have not simply grown in terms of service teams and capacity; we’ve grown in corporate maturity too.

We’ve grown as a business that invests in the high standards and quality of the service you receive as clients.

As Investors in People, we recognise that our ‘people’ are our ‘assets’. Quality comes through training and opportunities through our Apprenticeships. On-the-job learning and upskilling, both in the unit and on site, develop more than essential electrical skills.

Such learning develops core values too, such as team working, service ethic and analytical thinking.

We, and therefore – you – begin to see and enjoy the benefits of 2 Training Stations, designed to focus new skills such as Smart Home Technology, Energy Efficiency, Health & Safety, as well as the core technical requirements of Electrical Contracting.

We really are preparing for tomorrow’s challenges – today.

The website is a statement of pride. Pride in ourselves and in you, for each job we plan, deliver and efficiently sign off together.

You’ll see that the site looks and feels so different to most Electrical Services websites. You won’t see list upon list of industry sector tasks, a tick box collection of the services we undertake. There’s no typical corporate web-speak … ‘Here at XYZ Electrical we are delighted to announce that we change fuse boards …’.

What you will see is a brief insight into our ‘WHY’ – what makes us tick.

Clients work in partnership with us, to deliver joint commitments on the projects we’re contracted to. So, the ‘who’ and ‘why’ of our service ethos is far more important than a list of what we do, a list that’s essentially the same you see on any electrical service company websites.

Knowing that every aspect of the electrical side of your project has been contracted with confidence, is a pleasure our commercial property partners have come to enjoy and expect.

They trust us, knowing we understand financial and practical problems that late delivery and error bring with them. They know our investment, not just in skill, but in team systems and procedures too, ensure that excellent industry standards are maintained throughout. Excellence stands out, from draft schematics on new build installation; to upgrading to energy-efficient environmental standards; and ongoing test and maintenance schedules.

The exceptionally high standard of our work truly is our pride.

Anticipation is the key to good electrical maintenance. To minimise rental breaks, you must minimise the time a unit is out of action for electrical repair. Periodic Testing & Inspection ensures that Tenants are safe and enjoy uninterrupted benefits in the properties they rent. And, of course, Landlords enjoy uninterrupted rental income.

Residential innovation includes the ever-changing technologies that make Smart Homes smarter still. Designing and installing tailor-made Smart Home solutions is always new and exciting. And when it come to light technology, we realise client dreams, using domestic lighting to creatively and aesthetically transform a home’s architectural values.

JGF Electrical was named after the late ‘John Gordon Forster’ who served as an electrical foreman for over 50 years. He would be 95 now. We spent a little time looking through his notebook from the 60’s.

It’s nice to see that the fundamentals haven’t changed at all and today, we still practice many of the same principles as he did back then.

Reach out; switch on; engage: