When the guys turn up at ‘the job’ at the right time, with the RAMs already logged, the right materials on the van, fully briefed, with appropriate PPE etc etc, it’s not by chance. The seamless efficiency our customers experience on site is down to the efforts and diligence of our wonderful Office Team within the Team.

Organisational and systems-managed structure have been a passion of Joe’s (Joe Forsyth MD and Team Leader) from the outset, 11 years ago.  This was never going to be a ‘sparky with van’ operation, but a well-oiled machine, a process, practiced, perfected and systemised.

This is JGF Electrical.

So, what makes a business happen?

  • Money
  • People
  • Procedure
  • Teamwork


Money in, money out, accounting for profit – this is driven, managed and reported by Caela, Finance Director. Caela has just accounted for newborn Daniel in the last couple of weeks, so has her hands full at home.

Those of you who know us will know how systems driven / supported we are. If not, here are two other articles that will interest you:

We mention these at this stage because, this sort of organisational support doesn’t happen on its own and Caela, together with Leila, has been responsible for so much of its development. Through SimPRO (covered in the second article), every piece of information needed to plan, quote, order and timetable materials, allocate work, track WIP, report and certificate completion – everything is there to support efficient operations.


In a team, we are all responsible for ‘People’, by helping, supporting and understanding each other. But, as Operations Director & HR Manager, Leila takes the lead on so much relating to the people of JGF.

Leila has the extraordinary ability to anticipate, by dealing with issues before they even become such. If one does slip through the net, she responds to it quickly, efficiently and absolutely – what issue?

She has been behind so much of SimPRO’s set up and development. Leila ensures that every engineer has a bespoke tablet, has had SimPRO training, and appropriate operational access according to their duty and responsibility.

Health & Safety

As well as Office Manager, Michelle is our qualified H&S practitioner. She deals with the requirement of both functions with passion and a smile. If you saw a recent article H&S – The Safety Harness, you’ll have seen she’s a very hands on advocate of the application of all H&S regulations and requirements.

Too often, even potentially life saving procedures are overlooked or simply ignored in rushed and hushed working days. But, not here, nothing passes Michelle, even down to the type of Hi-Viz jackets the guys have – and, if they’re not done up properly … beware.

PPE, Toolbox Talks training, Working at Height, Safety Harness inspection and training, LOTO (see It’s LOTO, not a ‘Lotto’) – everything is considered, reviewed, updated, trained, and implemented.


There might actually be such things as paperless offices, but there’ll never be an admin-free office or business. So, it’s hats off to Stacey for keeping our admin in order.

Numbers – why can’t a part number be a part number? There is rarely uniformity. Everything is checked and cross-checked, so the part quoted and confirmed in the PO, is the same part ordered, invoiced, and delivered to the job. And, for those of you not familiar with the Electrical Installation & Maintenance Industry … there are so, so many parts.

Quotation numbers, PO reference numbers, Job numbers, Part numbers, RAMs & Certs numbers, PO invoice numbers, Sales invoice numbers – numbers too numerous to mention.

After just three months, Stacey has become an instant asset, fitting like a glove into this seamless team – the driving force of JGF.

Ladies, it has been a pleasure to sing your praises.

Your efforts are extraordinary.

We should add though, that whilst this article suggests definitive roles for each of you, we know how your own team works so hard to support each other. There really is no ‘i’ in team, even your special Team within the Team.

Thank you all.