As a fast-growing business servicing large and diverse electrical contracts, we were more than ready to develop systems to support the operation.

Workflow optimisation. It’s a phrase thrown around regularly in businesses, especially in those that rely on a structured process of jobs to be completed by multiple people in multiple locations.

The main goal is to:

  1. improve the efficiency of staff,
  2. put the right people on the right projects,
  3. increase productivity and
  4. free up more time for high-value tasks.


  1. To reduce / eliminate duplicated efforts
  2. The simplify / improve workflow management
  3. Improve client services / relations / retention
  4. To price / quote / tender accurately and effectively
  5. To generate POs / Invoicing, supporting speedy / accurate accounting / payment.


Well, it needed two parallel strategies to effect such automation or semi-automation needed to achieve the above.

First, we had to analyse the work, people, clients, goals and all the components that make the business work … Traction

Equal first (because the two need to work in sync), we had to introduce and begin to implement an effective system to manage the issues arising from ‘Traction’ … SimPRO.

We have written about the massive changes that our Traction journey has and continues to deliver. Rock after rock of ambitious targets are being allocated, owned, and ‘smashed’. Each, a massive and positive contribution to sustainable growth. See ‘Business Management – Traction & Vision’.


Today we want to develop the crucial part that SimPRO plays in creating the ‘back office’ systems that support operational management.

On the Road

Like everything new, there was a lot of head scratching – where to start, how to start, where to finish. The suggested benefits were attractive – to track jobs from start to finish with features for scheduling, quoting, costing, invoicing, and more – so much more.

The efforts were, are and continue to be more that worth the effort. We know precisely what stocks we hold (and where), what’s allocated to each vehicle, to each job, where everyone is, the materials they’re using and, again, so much more besides.

On Site

With excellent guidance from SimPRO and dedication from staff, each member of the JGF Team is now ‘on SimPRO’ with field staff (Apprentices and Electricians alike) having this and other support systems on personal, bespoke tablets.

In Touch

Ricky Campitelli from SimPRO said: “…it’s great to have a client so prepared not just to implement SimPRO, but actually push the boundaries to develop new systems. The power is in SimPRO, but it needs forward thinking to use the systems to their full effect.

It’s textbook stuff, but we might have to re-write the textbook soon!

Thank you Ricky.

Every day’s a school day

If you finish your day without having learned something new, you have wasted the day.

With SimPRO, you build systems bespoke to you, your business and operational goals, from templates pre-charged with great examples for your specific industry needs – in this case top end electrical contracting.

Guidance helped develop the structure and reposting, yet every page has a ‘facility tab’ that just needs pressing to see what it does. Make time to learn and you will learn quickly.

Like all things however, the more you learn the more you discover that you want to learn, apply and develop. Joe has become the prime example of this – filling gaps to create new gaps.

Push those buttons, push those boundaries, and you start to drive SimPRO – the tool – rather than endure SimPRO – the chore.