Richard Banks

After a recent Staff & Partners Team BBQ hosted by Rich, he was moved to write these amazing words, which we want to share with you now:

“We all know how important ‘team building’ and ‘team bonding days’ are. So, what better way, I thought, of hosting the JGF Electrical summer social event in this glorious summer heatwave at my humble abode.

I’m a massive believer, that when you allow, and encourage, your work colleagues to socialise and get to know each other outside of the workplace, it opens conversations that would not otherwise have happened.

So, from top tier management to our invaluable apprentices. Wives, girlfriends, and family members…. even new-borns…were all invited.

The BBQ was braced for a bashing, beers were chilled, enough food to feed a small country was prepared, more beers were chilled, a magnificent salmon was landed, and we obviously chilled more beers.

For me, it was important to, as a manager, connect with my work colleagues outside office hours, and to show that JGF value them all as people and not just work colleagues.

Needless to say, A great day/evening was had by all… go get socialising everyone….it’s the way forward.”