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Every Business Tells a Story

We know it’s ‘good marketing’ to tell the corporate story, but so often there isn’t a story, so the tale told is a mere chronology of events.

Built on a passion

The business and our story is built on a passion instilled in me by my grandad. His photo is on the windowsill by my desk and his Foreman’s Electrical Diary & Notebook in my desk drawer. More on my grandad – John Gordon Forster – later.

My professional career began with a 4-year apprenticeship with Building & Mechanical Services. It was an amazing opportunity to develop skills and experience across the service range of commercial, high-end domestic, solar, intelligent lighting and electrical design. It also taught me structure; planning and analytical skills; teamwork and leadership.

I registered JGF Electrical & Building Services Limited trading as JGF Electrical in March 2013 – and that’s the only chronological reference I’ll make.

Growth was considered, I didn’t want to run before walking confidently. Nonetheless, growth was rapid. The business has not simply grown in terms of service, skills and capacity; it has grown in corporate maturity too.

I constantly challenge my corporate as well as my personal, emotional orientation, asking – what would grandad think.

‘Investors in People’

Built on my personal experiences and the values I gained as an apprentice, we have developed as ‘Investors in People’, recognising that our ‘people’ are our ‘assets’.

Quality comes through training and opportunities through our own Apprenticeship Programme. On-the-job learning and upskilling, both in our unit and on site, develop more than essential electrical skills. Such learning develops core values too, such as team working, service ethic and analytical thinking.

It is his ‘G’, not mine.

JGF Electrical was named after my Grandad the late John Gordon Forster. It is his ‘G’, not mine.

I remember him fondly. He was a man of great integrity from whom I took inspiration, inspiration on which I still draw the traditional values of the professional gentleman he was.

As a youngster, I would have Sunday dinner with my grandparents, Gran was a great cook – amazing roasties! Then, grandad and I would go down to the garage, which was his workshop. There, he would teach me how to make basic circuit boards. The flashing lights and technical applications became second nature to me, even from this young age.

My grandfather – John G Forster – served as an electrical foreman for over 50 years. He would be 95 now (Autumn 2021). I often open the desk drawer and refer to his meticulously written foreman’s notebook from the 60’s.

It’s nice to see that the fundamentals haven’t changed at all and today, we still practice many of the same principles as he did back then.


Well of course.

After moving into our new unit and offices in 2021, apprentices, engineers, team leaders, staff and of course customers see and enjoy the benefits of 2x Apprentice Training bays, designed to focus new skills such as Smart Home Technology, Energy Efficiency, Health & Safety, as well as the core technical requirements of Electrical Contracting.

Another date, I know, but it’s a great one. It’s the end of chapter 1 and the start of chapters 2, 3 … etc.