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Firefighters Memorial Day

On 4th May, we pay tribute to active and retired firefighters in the UK and all around the world, for their extraordinary courage, selflessness and dedication — and for the ultimate sacrifice so many men and women firefighters make in the line of duty.

For the National Firefighters’ Memorial, firefighters across the nation stand outside their stations at midday and observe a minute’s silence for their fallen comrades. Many fire departments and organisations host memorial events, ceremonies, and remembrance services on this day.

A service at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London follows this, with representatives from the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) and the Firefighters Memorial Trust.

We invite you to join us

A minute’s silence

At midday, join firefighters and their families in observing a minute’s silence for those firefighters who have lost their lives. Whether alone or with others, taking a minute of silence gives you the chance to honour their memory and express gratitude.

A donation

Make a donation to a firefighter charity or organisation that provides support to firefighters and their families.  Charities include The Fire Fighters Charity, Firefighters 100 Lottery, and The Fire Fighters Memorial Trust. (Find their websites at the end of the article.)

Teach and Practice Fire Safety

This is particularly poignant for us here and for all professional electricians across the country.


Because poor wiring and badly maintained electrical supplies and appliances are too often the cause of disastrous fires. Neglect is not really an excuse, but is the main cause. It is responsible and essential to maintain such supplies and appliances both in domestic and commercial properties.

We see some horrible, often simply overlooked missed-maintenance that could become fire hazards, and which relatively simple attention and action could rectify and prevent.

Please donate and support these heroes.

Firefighter Charities:

Firefighter heroism and sacrifice

The Grenfell Tower fire of June 2017 highlighted the bravery and selflessness of firefighters. As residents were helped from the inferno, firefighters from the London Fire Brigade were heading the other way, in to the danger.

Tragically, one firefighter named Fleur Lombard lost her life while fighting.