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Know Your Customers: KYC Day.

Any business not prepared to know their customers is a business in it for the short term only – they just don’t care.

It’s only by knowing, understanding and stepping closer to customers, that we truly understand them and what they want. And there’s the first pick up – what they want may not actually be what they need.

Only by knowing them and developing a sound two way business relationship can we:

  1. Spot the difference between ‘want’ and ‘need’.
  2. And have the courage in our professional conviction to tell them.

Quotes ‘Fit for Purpose’

In our article – What Makes a Great Quote – we stress how important it is to properly understand exactly what’s needed. Take nothing for granted and assume nothing. You and the customer must be ‘singing off the same hymn sheet’ or you’ll end up pricing the wrong song!

There are many occasions when the task you are being asked to get involved with may not actually be the best or most efficient solution. They may be asking for something that will do the job short term (a quick fix) but work out more costly in the longer term.

The best quote should be the most practical and efficient solution to the problem, not necessarily the cheapest one. That’s why customers may get more than one quote from JGF, one for the specified job, and one for the most efficient longer-term solution – professional advice. READ MORE.

Knowing the People

Another article – Energy Doesn’t Grow on Trees – about the sustainability of renewable energy, we introduced Paul Ward of Mole End Farms.

Mole End Farms in Cranbrook may be a grain of sand in the desert of energy renewables but, as you’ll read later (in the article), by working #together, we may hold back the melting ice flows.

Our principal aim is to build a truly ethical and sustainable long-term business...”

Our mutual trust has developed over years of service and anticipatory advice to help Paul realise his ongoing sustainability ethos as an award-winning fruit grower in Kent. READ MORE.

Knowing the Rules

At the other end of the scale we support a number of large warehouse and distribution hubs with high tech electrical installation and maintenance. The end customer is way up the scale, but our relationships with the facilities management teams has the same KYC ethos.

Each unit or business centre has there own ‘way of doing things’ and interpretation of H&S (health & Safety). That ‘understanding’ lifts what we already operate at the highest H&S standards higher still, with long lists of musts and must not do’s.

By knowing and following the rules, we all work to the same exemplary standards.

Knowing our Business

We have great relations with contractors and individuals conducting bespoke high end domestic build and renovation projects. They run us  through the drawings, footings or WiP project and outline what they want in terms of wiring, cabling, lighting, perhaps including Solar PV and EV solutions – perhaps not. Each project is different, every contact is different.

We draw the wiring plans to brief and, demonstrate alternative plans and solutions to illustrate what they could achieve if they understood the many and varied technical possibilities as we do.

They don’t just come home, but come home to a warm, elegant entrance. Lighting can be varied to enhance the architectural features of the properties. Future-proofing sets wiring and cabling for future development and last minute inspiration.

The house is a statement of opulence, the lighting is the smile on the customers’ face.